2018 - Road Kill Survey

Road kill may be a significant cause of mortality for some animals. In certain species (e.g. the Otter) the loss of only a handful of individuals is likely to have a significant impact on local population dynamics. We are especially interested in learning whether particular species are prone to this type of mortality and also whether road kills show seasonal or geographic patterns.

A Biology.ie Survey

The data collected by the survey will be used to help inform strategies to protect these animals.

View road kill sighting from Biology.ie users on the satellite map.

Please observe the following safety code when reporting a road kill animal:
1. If you see a dead animal while driving, please do not suddenly slow down or stop in a way that could be of danger to other motorists.
2. Do not leave your vehicle on a busy road to check the identity of the animal.

Select Road Kill Species

Select Road Kill Species

Annex IV Species Road Kill for National Parks & Wildlife Service:

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Photo: Eddie Dunne; © NPWS.