Listen to the Sounds of Summer

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Solstice 9.10 am Dec 21st


[Photo: Solstice over Cork Harbour, 9.10am Dec 21st, 2007] The winter solstice is a great turning point for the natural world. Nature's Calendar is reset.

Planet Earth is reaching its furtherest point from the sun, the source of all life on Earth. It will turn on December 21st and begin its journey to bring it back closer to the sun. The days will now become longer and provide the natural world with yet another Spring.
The solstice can be viewed anywhere. In our house we have our own event, with the sun shining though a south easterly window, travelling thought the house and out the front door to illuminate a stone wall. Its the only time that wall has the sun shining on it; its our Newgrange.
The winter solstice at Newgrange can be viewed online, starting at 8.30 on the 21st and 22nd of December. Click on the link here to view
The Winter Solstice 2007