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Dusky Thorn Moth Discovered


Naturalist and bird specialist Jim Wilson made a surprise discovery last September when trapping moths. Jim explained to how he made the discovery. 'On

the 30th September while doing my long-term survey of moths in my garden in Cobh, Co. Cork using a Heath trap that attracts the moths to a light without killing them I found a moth I did not recognize. I took some photos and got out my identification guides and identified it as a Dusky Thorn. I was in touch Angus Tyner of Moths Ireland and he said it had never been recorded in Ireland before! I was delighted and surprised, especially a moth so big to go unnoticed before now. The Dusky Thorn flies from August to October and its caterpillar feeds on Ash leaves.'

Well done Jim. does not run a moth survey, but be sure to check out

Dusky Thorn photo © copyright Jim Wilson.