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Hardy Frogs We Have!


Despite the coldest January in many years the frogs of west Cork seem to have been the first out to spawn again this year with our first sighting entered on January

23, 2010.The sighting came from Ummera Smokehouse, Inchybridge, Timoleague, Co. Cork. The temperature in the few days before the spawning was noticed was up around 10 degrees C. This is becoming a noticeable pattern in January: cold weather (<6 degrees C) followed by a few days of around 10 degrees C and the frogs begin to spawn.
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The spawn as sighted in a Constructed Wetland System at Ummera Smoked
Products Limited Inchybridge, Timoleague
. See Ummera.

A good photo of the recorded spawn by Roger Overall can be viewed here.

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