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Irish Grid Conversion Tool

A common request sent in to was for an online conversion tool to allow lat-long decimal values to be converted to Irish Grid and visa versa. Well here it is!

Click on the Convert tab at the top of this page and play around with it. Today's in car SatNav systems such as Garmin and Tom Tom will give a site location in decimal latitude and longitude. Similarly with Google Earth (you may need to go to Options to set the display to decimal). However, many people prefer to use the Irish Grid system (whether the reason is snobbery, elitism or simply that their existing data is in Irish Grid) and find they have lat-long values they would like to convert.
'The system is very simple to use', says Paul Whelan. 'Just type in the value you need to convert and click on the Convert & Show button. Negative longitude values place you West of Greenwich. All Irish Grid values you enter for conversion to lat-long must have the grid letter in uppercase. It will accept six or ten digit formats. Lastly, picking a point on the map (remember you can zoom in) generates the lat-long and Irish Grid values instantly'.