Listen to the Sounds of Summer

Play to enjoy 45 sec. of the sounds of summer.
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Email a Biodiversity Friend

Why not EMAIL a few biodiversity friends (BFs) and let them know about Tell them that they can submit a sighting of some wildlife event in

Ireland on the web site. Tell them it counts - every sighting counts. It helps built up a image of Ireland's wildlife and it helps the user 'look and remember'. It increases awareness of BIODIVERSITY, in other words, the richness of Ireland's living landscape. Blackbirds, stoats, lizards, frogs, first ash tree leaves, all have a place on Dead animals, live animals, first primroses, last autumn leaves are all welcome. Go out and look for them and come back to and submit a sighting. Don't just read web pages on your Broadband connection, use it to built a picture of Ireland. Email a friend - or just someone you know. They may just thank you for it. Use it as an excuse to make contact - just mention
Do your bit for Ireland's Biodiversity - email a Biodiversity Friend.